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About The Bishop

The Bishop Raymond Fox Davis Sr., born March 15, 1921 in Marion SC, was a prominent Christian pastor and preacher whose journey into the work of the Lord Jesus Christ originated back in the 1940's, and continued until his death on October 19, 2017.  Bishop Davis untiring work and labor of love for the ministry was phenomenal.  He built and organized over 14 churches in the United States, and the foreign fields.  Bishop Davis was an esteemed leader and person of influence in his community.  The Greater Highway Church of Christ Headquarters church that he pastored in Marion SC was held in high regard as the pillar and ground of the truth in the area…and the legacy lives on.  His grandson, the Elder Christopher Clements, was inspired to start the Bishop R. F. Davis Foundation Ministries, to ensure that the tremendous work started by Bishop Davis remain and continues.  The Bishop R. F. Davis Foundation Ministries is a non-profit corporation, exclusively for educational, religious and charitable purposes.  Our goal and mission are to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the world, help perpetuate good, clean, and ethical morals, healthy living, spiritual guidance, and to broaden education on all levels on all subjects, locally and internationally.

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